Scripts & Plugins
This script allow you to select random vertex-edge-border-face-element parts of the object (it works on Editable Poly converted objects), or objects in the scene. There are three different selection algorithms in vertex-edge-face modes.
The idea was to create a script which makes renders in every Nth minutes from a selected view of a camera. The result is a breakdown of the project, phases of the creating. You can use it in: tutorials, "making of" projects, presentations, showreels etc...
It is a game script for 3D Studio Max (2009 or higher version). Try to catch the red flying saucer.
A really easy script to solve the listed rename opportunities on a clear way. It could be useful when we have a lot of layers with a lot of long-length-named objects.
There are great Blueprint creator scripts, but i wanted to do this opportunity on my way. I wanted a small, quick solution to create simple images in 3D Studio Max, to use them as blueprints.